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brandywine00 [userpic]
Ghosts & Memories Past
by brandywine00 (brandywine00)
at July 31st, 2010 (12:53 am)

Title:  Ghosts & Memories Past (22/?) WIP
Author: Brandywine00
Fandom: Firefly
Characters/Pairing: Jayne
Rating: M/T
Warnings: Spoilers for series, BDM - goes AU a bit after BDM
Disclaimer: Y’all know the deal by now. Nope, they ain’t mine. Nope, ain’t makin’ coin off ‘em. And yup, Joss is still Boss! Purely for fun, to satisfy the Muse…
Author’s Notes: (Link to previous chapters here: * Chapters One - Twenty-One *)
Thanks so much for the continued interest and reviews for this story!
Thanks to Kuryakingirl for the rapid beta!

Chapter Twenty-Two

Zoe bolted from the bridge, reaching to unfasten the strap on her mare's leg as a muted wail echoed up the corridor.
Should have known, should have expected. Started to actually trust the hun dan.

Reviews are manna... please feed the writer! ;D


Posted by: rogue_1102 (rogue_1102)
Posted at: August 2nd, 2010 06:19 pm (UTC)

spent most of the mornin' flying through this fic and I'm horribly impressed and ravenous for more.

I love the back and forth that your putting the reader through. Was Jayne really Jayne before? Was he some sort of spy that got his wires crossed? is the whole verse just topsy turvy? I mean, there are so many theories running through my mind, that i just can't wait for more information to come to the surface so that all these pieces will make sense.

Love the tone, and the voices of the characters come through loud and clear. But most of all the writing is awesome...so i just if i were to sum it up....Good Job. :D

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